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At Pure Independent Pictures we believe the screenplay is king. The script is to a director like plans are to a builder.

Screenwriters are the architects of our industry and without good scripts there is no film industry.

Screenwriting is a greatly specialised and challenging art form that can take many years to master. And even then, you need a little luck to stumble across an idea that works.

Script editors, readers, assessors and writing teachers provide an invaluable resource to the writer. Whilst not controlling the screenplay, they provide important feedback and guidance.

We encourage you to support the script services that have supported our writers in the past.

Below are links to script assessment services, screenwriting courses, production resources, legal services and screenplay competitions.

Aristotelian-Inspired Screenwriting

Aristotelian-Inspired Screenwriting takes you inside the heart and soul of the screenplay like no other book has done. Jason Kent explains how films can be written to make us feel like we are not only watching a story unfold before our eyes but actually living the lives of the characters. Drawing on fundamentals taught by Aristotle over 2000 years ago, Kent sweeps away much of the sand that has buried the essence of visual storytelling to reveal truths about scriptwriting, and also truths about life. Indeed, Kent reminds us that films are primarily an imitation of life, so to understand the art of screenwriting you need to understand life itself. Kent explains Aristotelian concepts such as story unity, catharsis and complex plotting with a step-by-step script development process that will enlighten both novices and experienced screenwriters alike, and help to greatly improve their work. This book is essential reading for any film or television professional, as well as students, academics, or anyone interested in the art of storytelling or the complexities of the human mind.
'To paraphrase Aristotle, 'character determines a man’s qualities, but it is by his actions that he is happy or the reverse'. In this spirit, I recommend you take action by reading this book. It will revolutionize your understanding of film and bring a greater clarity, focus and purpose to your writing."

Pravin Menon
"I have read dozens of books, attended numerous script writing workshops, including those of highly renowned script writers such as Guillermo Arriaga (Amores Perros, Babel); not one of them have had the clarity Jason had in explaining subjects as intangible as a high concept/premise, and I certainly had not known anyone who had used the Aristotelian approach to writing for films ... I am extremely thankful to Jason, for having finally shed most needed light on very hard to define concepts, and on all those script writing mysteries that I had not understood before."

Aristotelian-Inspired Screenwriting Student