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Pure Independent Pictures is dedicated to supporting only purely independent (non government-funded) Australian feature films.

Independent filmmaking is the lifeblood of any film industry and we want to make it easier for independents to compete with the bigger budget foreign and government films.

Good filmmaking requires creative freedom. The freedom to raise a voice of dissent, humour, love, rage, or passion, unconstrained by bureaucracy and process. We advocate for independent filmmakers whose voices live or die based on their ability to connect with audiences, to move, challenge, or confront cultural norms, rather than conform to the tastes of government officials.

Many of Australia's best films were independent productions - films like Mad Max, Crocodile Dundee, The Castle, and Gabriel. Unfortunately, independent filmmaking has become far too rare
Our mission is to promote Australian Independent Filmmaking. This means promoting quality independent films as well as the many benefits of independent filmmaking.

By supporting independent filmmaking we are also supporting the industry as a whole. The industry requires three key ingredients to grow and flourish: filmmaking talent, film investment, and audiences. These are our objectives:

Establish a new pathway for new and emerging talent by providing an exclusive distribution channel for independent filmmakers.

Encourage private investment in films by showing that independent films can and do make a return. Commercial viability is fundamental to independent

Mad Max held the world record as the film with the highest profit-to-cost ratio for two decades and Crocodile Dundee, with a relatively small budget, was the second highest grossing film worldwide in 1986, beaten only by Top Gun.
Lure back audiences who have become skeptical about Australian films by promoting independent films as a safer bet. The nature of independent filmmaking means that filmmakers can’t afford to ignore the audience or be socially detached or self-indulgent. The entertainment factor must come first.
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